We're a little crazy, about science!

A busy day!

Yep I use this image a lot, but it’s such a great representation of our labs work!

Well I didn’t plan for it, but today is a busy day! I’ve got a lot going on at the moment so not a lot of time to write. Let’s just talk about what I’ve done and have left to do so I can get back to it.

Well I had my experiment first thing this morning, that went… well? I had some trouble with the data collection that I’ve never run into before, but I think I fixed it, finished the experiment, and now I’m done. Like done done! I have no more data to collect so now it’s just time to make sense of it all.

Because that experiment ran an hour over my time, my nice long break between experiments became basically zero. We have another experiment this afternoon that I’m in the process of setting up for.

So why blog while I’m working? Well for one, I need a break! It’s been non-stop since I got here and it will be non-stop after I post this. I needed a minute to catch my breath and my thoughts! So with that I have some more work to do before our subject arrives. I’ve never done the type of experiment we’re doing today so it’s going to be mostly watching and learning, but there is a lot of setup I can do before they get here.

That said, back to work!


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