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On to the next paper

With one of my four papers finished and finally accepted for publication (yay!) it’s time to switch gears to getting the others done. That said, progress has been made and I’m stuck swapping between two papers at the same time since both need to be done and submitted soon. There’s some analysis that needs to happen, figures to be made, code to be written, just a lot of loose ends to tie up.

It’s been a day. There are still three papers on my plate and one of them is sort of in purgatory, which has been nice because I really can’t work on it more at the moment. The other two need to get done ASAP and that means I need to bounce back and forth between the two to try and get them done. Since I am waiting for some of my co-authors to review one of the papers, I’m mostly focused on one paper in particular. Unfortunately it’s probably the most complex paper out of the bunch.

The paper that I really need to focus on is the summer paper I took on because the experiment was just so cool and I was very excited to be a part of the project (here). Originally my Co-PI suggested it was going to be 6-12 hours worth of work, that was months ago and here I am still working on it. He has a habit of underestimating how long an analysis will take, but I don’t hold it against him since he doesn’t take it personally when they don’t get done at the rate he is hoping for, so all in all it works out.

We’ve ran into some issues with the data we had, but I think everything is mostly resolved now. From here I just need to find the time to sit down and do the writing, that is easier said than done unfortunately since tomorrow I have my main-PI’s lab meeting and a pre-work doctors visit scheduled for later in the afternoon. That mostly just means that all the work will be done over the weekend. Maybe… it’s been a little slow going these few days, but I really needed a breather.

Anyway short update for sure, but it’s been a busy day and tomorrow doesn’t sound like it will be any slower so I don’t know that tomorrow’s post will be particularly long either. Not that they need to be a certain length, but it’s just nice to have something substantial to share.


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