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Another OR experiment… maybe

I got a random email yesterday from hospital-PI that I didn’t understand and I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on, but it looks like experiment number five may be happening as early as Monday! It will be an early morning and a long day, but it will be worth it, assuming it happens. Like everything in my life at the moment, we’re not 100% sure that we will be able to attend.

When I got a vague email in the middle of my school lab meeting I was confused. I had assumed the surgery was scheduled when other experiments were ongoing so I responded with what I would normally say. Unless there’s a conflict with another project, I was okay with it. I assumed this email was due to the short notice, even for our lab a two day heads up isn’t much.

Turns out that isn’t the case, there’s something administrative going on that I’m not 100% aware of yet. I’m sure I’ll find out Monday what the hell is going on. I’m wondering if this could be related to our first attempt at doing this work (here). In any case, there’s possibly something to look forward to I guess.

Unfortunately this came over the weekend so I can’t get the equipment ready until Monday. The agreement was that we would be making a different template for the data collection, so I need to do that first thing Monday while we wait to hear if we’re going in. Plus I need to check all the equipment, set the equipment up I use because the stuff I am using has a lot of cables that take up inputs used in other projects.

Monday is going to be a busy morning and it may end with nothing happening. That’s the joy of research though, sometimes you go through a lot of work to prep everything and then nothing comes of it. It wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last time so I can’t get too annoyed by it. Thankfully even if the surgery is cancelled it won’t be a 4am cancelation or something. We’ve had super early morning experiments get cancelled last minute, which I absolutely hate because I would rather be asleep.

As for what I can do today, well nothing since I don’t have the equipment and can’t get access to it until Monday at the earliest. So that’s exactly what I’m planning to do, take today off to relax and probably get some stuff done for my PhD tomorrow. I’ve got some exciting news on an equipment test that will be happening this week, so I’ll probably share that tomorrow.


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