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Interrogation of spinal networks during movement preparation using transcutaneous spinal stimulation

Rundown of the experiment (A) shows where we stimulated and what muscles we recorded from. (B) is our experimental protocol that we used. We had an auditory cue, a tactile cue (a small electrical stimulation of the foot, which causes a slight tickle) and an isometric contraction task. (C) has examples of what the evoked potentials look like and it can be hard to read at first, but the far right has a very clear example (R1 is our first stimulus and R2 is the second). I don’t go into why we used 2 pulses, but there is a reason, it’s just a bit technical so outside the scope of this general review.

That’s not the name of the paper, but that’s the general idea. We tend to take movement for granted, I mean most of the time we do it without thinking. I don’t look down as I’m typing these words, yet my fingers know what to do to make it happen. Similarly, we don’t really think about balancing ourselves when we walk, we just do it. So if I’m not consciously thinking about every step I take when I walk down the street, who, or what is keeping me going?