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Day 95: Housework day


Pokemon procrastination

If only it was super effective!!!!!!

So far things have been non-stop and today is no exception. I have a lot of housework to do and balancing that work with my school work (all while still trying to find time to relax some) is difficult. Nevertheless today is housework day (mostly).

Time management is important when your workday isn’t structured, it’s a way to make your own structure in what would be an otherwise nebulous black hole of a time suck. This sometimes means setting aside time to do other life things (grocery shopping, cleaning, household chores, ect.) even when you feel like you should be focused almost solely on your class/school work.

Today I have a lot of work to do on my car, I also have some other odd jobs around the house that I need to do. While I would LIKE to get some more of my school work done, I am setting it aside for the moment to do these other things that need to be done. It’s a stressful practice when you feel like you’re expected to be doing class work 24/7.

I’ve learned a long time ago that I need to prioritize my mental health or I won’t be very effective at getting things done. Instead of just giving in to my anxiety, I’ve elected to do what is best for me and that means housework today.

My advice to anyone reading this, it’s okay to prioritize other things in life even if you feel like you should be focused solely on your work. It happens to the best of us, especially here in the US where we are taught at an early age that our mental health doesn’t matter and that we are expected to work until we drop dead. I’ve held jobs like that, we literally had someone drop dead on the factory floor and we were expected to keep working. To that I say, never again.

With that, it’s time for me to get some car work done.

Until next time, don’t stop learning!

But enough about us, what about you?

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